Rabbits are a popular choice for many families with an estimated 900,000 rabbits kept as pets in the UK [PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2019]. And it's no surprise as rabbits are highly intelligent, inquisitive animals. Owning rabbits can be extremely rewarding.

Rabbit's come in a variety of breeds, shapes and sizes and each bunny has there own unique personality.  Typically they'll live for 8 - 12 years, but some may live for longer. Take a look around at our rabbit care advice to find out how to keep your bunnies happy and healthy.

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Rabbit factfile

Pet rabbits are related to the wild European rabbit, the biology and behaviour of pet rabbits is very similar to that of their wild cousins. Why not read our information on ensuring your rabbit has a suitable place to live?

  • Rabbits are highly social. Rabbits are territorial animals and form complicated social structures. Find out more about appropriate company for rabbits.
  • Rabbits have an unusual digestive system. Food is passed through their gut and special droppings, called caecotrophs, are produced. Rabbits eat these caecotrophs, allowing the food to be re-ingested. Ensure your rabbit's digestive system is kept in tip-top condition by providing a healthy diet.
  • Rabbits have continuously growing teeth. A rabbit's top front teeth grow at a rate of 3mm a week! Keep your rabbit healthy by following our health and welfare advice, including information about how to check your rabbit's health.
  • Rabbits are intelligent. Pet rabbits can be taught to respond to commands using positive reward-based training. Discover more about the behaviour of rabbits.
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