How to health check your rabbits

Monitor behavioural or physical changes in your rabbit, including their eating and toileting habits and take your rabbit to your vet for an annual check-up and their vaccinations. Daily, check your rabbit¿s coat as well as eyes and nose for discharge or mucus. Weekly, check the skin around the rear end of your rabbit (twice daily in dry weather) for any urine staining, or stuck faeces. Also, monitor your rabbit¿s coat for dandruff, scurf, parasites, and fleas regularly. Additionally, checking the ears and teeth on a weekly basis will help keep your rabbit healthy and happy.Top tips for health checking your rabbits

Top tips for health checking your rabbits

Keeping your rabbits healthy is an important part of rabbit ownership. Find out how to give your rabbits' a health check with top tips on what to check and when in our video below.

If you're concerned about a change in your rabbit's behaviour, feeding habits or general health and welfare it's always best to seek the advice of a vet.

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