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How to health check your rabbits

Keeping your rabbits healthy is an important part of rabbit ownership. Keep a close eye on your rabbit and look out for changes in their behaviour as well as any physical changes. 

rabbit being groomed with a wire brush © RSPCA

Rabbit health checklist

Keep an eye on the following:

  • Eating and toileting habits - look for any changes from normal
  • Coat - for dandruff, scurf, parasites, and fleas
  • Eyes and nose - look out for discharge or mucus
  • Ears and teeth - check weekly for signs of problems
  • The skin around the rear end of your rabbit - look out for any urine staining or stuck faeces. Check weekly in cold weather and twice daily in dry, warm weather
  • Vet checks - take your rabbit to your vet for an annual check-up and their vaccinations

Top tips for health checking your rabbits

Find out how to give your rabbits a health check with top tips on what to check and when in our video below:

If you're concerned about a change in your rabbit's behaviourfeeding habits or general health and welfare it's always best to ask a vet.

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