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Young Photographer Awards

Close up of a bearded dragon © RSPCA

One of the most prestigious photography competitions solely for young people aged 18 and under in the UK.

The competition aims to recognise and reward the talent of our young photographers and to encourage young people to appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom.

If you love photography and animals then be sure to get involved in our Young Photographer Awards, with categories for everyone to enter.

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A great magazine for under 12s!

Animal action is our magazine especially for under 12s. It's packed full of activities,  puzzles, competitions, stories and more.

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Join us on PopJam

PopJam is a secure social media platform for children aged seven to 12, which protects your child's identity and ensures they're safe while using it. Users on PopJam can follow people, brands, or charities and also interact safely with their friends.

On our PopJam channel, we share exciting content and activities to educate children about the natural world, spark fun chat and inspire a life-long love and understanding of animals.


Download the app on your or your child's device from the App Store or Google Play and search for RSPCA.

Be an RSPCA animal hero

Be an RSPCA animal hero and take on a challenge with RSPCA Team Animal. You could hop for a mile with your friends, cycle five miles with your family, or run ten miles in a month. Choose any challenge you like - and raise money to help animals while you do it!

Ask a parent/guardian to sign you up today.

A website for animal loving kids

Kids © RSPCA

Young RSPCA is a website designed just for you!

Take a look around and you'll discover lots of fun stuff including quizzes, puzzles, makes and more. You'll also find fun facts about animals, information about working with animals and what we do to help them.

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What will you learn today?

We offer support to your teachers, providing education and fun quizzes, games and more, so that they can help you and your friends understand how to care for animals.

Check out our quizzes and videos.

Don't forget to let your teachers know how much fun they are!

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