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Beef cattle

Many people assume all beef cattle are kept outside in fields. This isn't always the case, with some cattle housed indoors throughout their lives and others during the winter months. We have some serious concerns about cattle welfare and have been working in a number of ways to try to improve the lives of beef cattle.

Why cattle behaviour makes it hard to spot welfare issues

Because they're prey animals, cattle usually keep a safe distance between themselves and anything they think could be a threat and they don't show easily recognisable signs of suffering. For example, sick or injured cattle may not vocalise loudly because, in the wild, this could attract the attention of a predator. This lack of expression means that people sometimes don't notice subtle changes in behaviour that may indicate cattle are in pain or distress.

If you're concerned about the welfare of beef cattle, then find out how you can help. You can also have a read of our welfare of beef cattle information sheet.

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