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Coronavirus emergency appeal

Animal cruelty won't stop for Coronavirus. With your urgent support, neither will we.

As the Coronavirus crisis intensifies the we must continue to rescue and care for animals facing shocking cruelty and neglect. But our dedicated teams are being stretched to their limit, and the number of animals in our care is set to rise.

Please make your gift today. As this crisis intensifies, it is vital that we have funds in place to rescue and care for suffering animals.

Give now to our Coronavirus emergency appeal

Every 30 seconds

Every 30 seconds, we receive a call for help. Every 30 seconds could mean another emergency for our dedicated inspectors to respond to...

Every 30 seconds, every day, every month, your donation can help us provide vulnerable animals with urgent medical treatment, the support needed to recover, loving care, and the chance for a new life.

Right now, there are injured and neglected animals in desperate need.

We urgently need your support to help us reach them.

Please donate now

Clover suffered horrific cruelty

We found clover with her mouth taped shut, the gaffer tape couldn't have been put on any tighter. She couldn't drink, she could hardly breathe.

Clover was in so much pain she had to be given a general anaesthetic to remove the tape. No one knew if she'd survive, but after weeks of round the clock care she finally started to recover.

Will you donate now to help more animals like clover?

Help rescue more animals like Clover

We urgently need your help now to protect thousands more animals from needless suffering.

Donate now to help more animals like Clover

We receive a phone call to our cruelty line every 28 seconds. But we need you to carry out our work, to rescue and collect animals just like Clover.


Help rescue hundreds of neglected, starved, beaten and abused animals. Today we will answer around 3,000 calls about animal welfare, cruelty and neglect. Today we will need to take over 240 animals into our care. Today we urgently need your help to save them.

Every minute of every day animals are suffering heart breaking cruelty and neglect every day, and our team works tirelessly to save them.

Please donate online to help us do even more; answer more calls, rescue more innocent animals and provide more life saving treatments.

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