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Help and support when you adopt a pet

Taking your new family pet home may feel rather daunting, but don't worry you're not alone we've plenty of advice and support to offer. Check our pet care advice, organised by species to make it easy to search for what you're looking for.

General pet care advice

Your new pet will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - so there are fewer things to worry about. You may have general pet care queries such as tackling fleas and worms, keeping animals calm on firework night, or wondering what to look for when insuring your pet.

Advice for dog adopters

It can take time for your new dog to settle into a new home, especially if they've spent time in kennels, or not had the greatest start in life. We understand this can be difficult for new owners, but with a little love and patience, these issues can often be overcome without further intervention.

Toileting in the house, whining in the night and sickness in the car can be common. Be sure to continue their training using reward-based methods - also a great way to bond with your dog.

And, as you start to form a bond with your new pet, it's important that they understand that it's ok when you leave, to help prevent your developing separation-related anxiety.

Take a look around at our dog care advice for more information on:

Download our Getting ready for your RSPCA rescue dog advice booklet

Advice for cat adopters

Cats can find a new home overwhelming and stressful. As well as asking the centre for advice, our cat environment pages will give you guidance on making the transition as easy as possible and how to understand your new cat's behaviour.

Check out advice for:

Download our Getting ready for your RSPCA rescue cat advice booklet

Advice for rabbit adopters

Rabbits are intelligent animals with complex needs.

We have lots of advice on:

Download our Getting ready for your RSPCA rescue rabbit advice booklet

We also have more information and fact files for other animals, such as guinea pigs and hamsters that you may have adopted from us.

Get in touch

If you're concerned about your new pet's behaviour, and you're worried you might not be a suitable match, please do contact the centre you adopted from.

Getting help and advice early can help to resolve any issues.

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