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Preventing animal cruelty

Prevention is the ultimate aim. In an ideal world no animal would suffer in the first place, so we put a lot of effort into preventing cruelty wherever possible. 


From primary school classrooms in the UK to government officials in China, we are making sure animal welfare is a hot topic.

Attaining higher standards of animal welfare has benefits for a whole community. We help teachers and youth justice professionals reach out to young people.

Through our international work we spread the word, supporting international campaigns and running customised animal welfare education courses. 


Our website is packed full of tips and advice to help you care for animals, from pets to wildlife.

Preventative services

Where we can, we offer financial assistance to pet owners on low incomes to make veterinary care affordable.

The main purpose of our veterinary work is to encourage responsible pet ownership by offering services such as neutering, helping to prevent more unwanted animals. 

Campaigning and the law

We campaign to change laws where animal welfare is suffering. With public support we work with governments, demonstrating the need and public desire for change.

Check out our current campaigns. 

The Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 has enabled us to act sooner. Previously we had to wait for an animal to suffer before we could take action. Thankfully, there are now many more times when we can prevent situations from getting worse.

Finally, when there is no alternative, we will use prosecution as prevention to animals suffering a life of neglect or cruelty. 

Help us to continue to prevent cruelty to animals. There are many ways to support us and get involved.

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