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£12 a month could help us rehabilitate and release more wildlife


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£12 a month could help us rehabilitate and release more wildlife


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Help us save more dogs like Maisie

Maisie was freezing cold and curled up in a ball, not responding to voice or touch. Her visible ribs and her sparse, dull coat told a terrible tale of neglect. She was the thinnest dog our inspector Amy had ever seen. Her first thought? This poor dog is dead. 

We rushed Maisie to the nearest vet for vital, life-saving care and thankfully, she's made a full recovery. But right now so many animals like Maisie are hungry, frightened and unloved. Will you help save one?

Help us rescue more cats like Peter

Peter was painfully thin and riddled with fleas. He was trapped in a cage with no food and a filthy water bowl. His litter tray was overflowing. The smell was so overwhelming, our inspector struggled to breathe. 

We rushed him to a vet for emergency treatment, then made sure he got all the love and care he needed at our RSPCA animal centre. But right now so many animals like Peter are hungry, frightened and unloved. Will you help save one?

Help us save more dogs like Lara

Three-month-old Lara had been so badly beaten by her former owner, our rescuer wasn’t sure how to touch her without causing her pain.

She had emergency treatment for multiple fractures, then weeks of further care and surgeries. Foster carer Amy gave Lara a safe home to recover in and learn to trust humans again.

Thanks to our prosecution team, the abuser was brought to justice. And Lara has been adopted by her forever family, who will make sure she only knows love from now on.

Help us help more wildlife like Dolly

Dolly came to our Wildlife Centre in East Sussex in October 2020. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue team had found the young seal stranded on a beach and weighing just 12kg. Unable to survive by herself in the wild, she was transferred to our care.

We discovered a serious injury to Dolly's right eye. She was treated for infection and monitored closely, as with seals' eyes there's a real risk of rupture. Thanks to the expert care of our wildlife vet team, Dolly pulled through. After a few more weeks of feeding up and she was ready to go home. Here she is, being released back to the sea in January, weighing a healthy 38.6kg.

Frequently asked questions

  • How we use the money you give us

    We couldn't fund our life-saving work for animals without you.

    More than 80 percent of your donation (81p from every £1) will go to rescuing and caring for vulnerable animals, then rehoming or releasing them. This helps abandoned or neglected pets get the treatment and love they deserve. It helps injured or orphaned wildlife in need.

    The next 18p from each £1 goes towards fundraising. Each year, we rescue more than 100,000 animals. Without the funds gained through our marketing, we would not be able to finance our crucial work.

    The remaining 1p from each £1 goes towards governance. This will support our board members as they create campaigns and push for governance change. At home or abroad, our prevention campaigns are essential for improving the safety and happiness of animals.

    (based on RSPCA 2022 accounts)

    Your generous donation helps us fight animal cruelty – thank you.

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    Your trust is important to us, so we are committed to being transparent and accountable to you.

    You need to know that we're using your support wisely to rescue, protect and care for animals in need. You need assurance your personal data is always secure. We've established a set of important promises, so you can be confident in this.

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