Educating a kinder generation

Prevention: the most important word in our name

We work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day rescuing all animals from all types of abuse, neglect, and injury. We never forget the most important word in our name: prevention.

Our vision is a society where no animal suffers unnecessarily. Where thoughtfulness, care and respect are shown towards all animals. And that starts with young people. We've been supporting teachers to develop informed, responsible and active citizens for many years, through free lesson plans and teaching resources.

The world is changing and the challenges facing animals are changing with it.

If you're a teacher or other practitioner working with young people, discover how you can help inspire the next generation of animal lovers, creating a future that's kinder to animals.

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Evidence of new challenges for young people

Young children are being exposed to horrific incidents of animal suffering online, in ways previous generations have simply not experienced.

Our report - Building a kinder generation - reveals that nearly a quarter of school children aged 10-18 have witnessed animal cruelty and neglect on social media. In response to this shocking fact, we've launched our biggest-ever education and prevention programme - Generation Kind.

We want to see animal welfare taught in schools

Join our campaign calling on the Governments in England and Wales to include animal welfare in education.

Call for animal welfare in education

Generation Kind

Launched in October 2018, Generation Kind comprises ambitious, innovative projects that aim to nurture and encourage the values of kindness and compassion towards all animals among children and young people of today.

Broken down into nine innovative programmes, Generation Kind focuses on three key areas:

  • Children in schools
  • Young people
  • Children and young people with additional support needs

Following our successful first two years, we are expanding our focus to include adults too. We will develop our information, education and support services to help more people understand the needs of animals. In this way, we can create a future society that is truly kind to animals.

But, we still have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved too! Take a look at the activities you can do at home with the young people in your life.

October 2020 marked our two-year anniversary of Generation Kind

Highlights from the last two years, and our plans for the future include...

  • 1700 primary schools and home educators took part in Compassionate Class. We are now developing resources for SEND pupils and widening the programme to include resources for KS1 too.
  • Paws for Change went online and we now have a self-study programme for young people with access to a dog and a computer. We'll be developing this programme going forward and selected animal centres will have a limited number of places for councils and agencies to refer their young people to
  • The Great Debate reached over 1000 secondary school students and the final two heats in 2020 were completed via a video competition - regional finalists all won awards and certificates
  • Staff and volunteers delivered assembles and workshops online and reached over 5000 pupils
  • We now have four education hubs at animal centres delivering Wild Things projects to 7500 young people in 2020
  • 900 student teachers have been trained in Animal Wellbeing Education and how it fits into the curriculum for schools
  • Nearly 500 foster parents and carers received training and support over the two years for the young people struggling in their care situations
  • Four Generation Kind Apprentices continue to work on their Level 2 animal care vocational qualifications at our animal centres and will complete their journey in April 2021
  • Breaking the Chain is undergoing a rewrite and being assessed by a university to make it a more targeted and effective programme. Elements remain available to practitioners on the website
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