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200 years of change

Here’s to 200 years of the RSPCA. Back in 1824, the world was a very different place for animals. With your help, we’ve spent the last two centuries on a mission to change it for the better. Let’s keep going.


The animal who changed me

To celebrate the amazing role animals play in our lives we’re calling on you to share a story of an animal who has changed your life in some way. They could be a loyal pet, wildlife who visit your garden, or even an animal from your favourite TV programme. Whoever they are, shine a light on them! Share their story with us on Facebook, X, Instagram and TikTok and let us know how they’ve changed you.

Help us be there for the next 200 years

Together, let’s create a better world for all animals

Two hundred years ago, a group of people met in a London coffee shop, determined to change animals’ lives for the better. That goal has been the beating heart of the RSPCA ever since.

In two centuries, we’ve improved millions of animals’ lives by changing laws, industries and minds. Ours is a rich history, but we’re not just reflecting on the past. As the world changes and the threats facing animals mount, the RSPCA must rise to meet them. The times we're living through — climate change, factory farming, wars, and a cost-of-living crisis — demand an urgent response.

That’s why 2024 isn't just an anniversary, it’s a new chapter in our story. This is our chance to work together, everyone for every animal. Let’s celebrate the bond between us and inspire more people to action.

Because a world that’s better for animals is better for us all.

200 years together

Watch our short film celebrating 200 years of change for animals.

Join our million-strong movement for animals

To keep creating a better world for every animal, we need more people to take action. That’s why, in our 200th year, we want one million people to join our movement. Can we count on you?

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You’ll also be the first to know about local activities and anniversary events. From One Fun Day to 50 Miles For Animals, or our RSPCA Young Photographer Awards, we’d love you to be a part of our celebrations throughout 2024.