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What we do

All animals deserve our kindness, whether they live in homes, farms, labs, or in the wild. We speak up for them, protect them, rescue and care for them – with you by our side.

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Everyone for every animal

  • We change lives by investigating reports of cruelty and neglect as well as rescuing animals when they need us the most.
  • We change laws. For over 200 years, we’ve been campaigning for animals to be healthier and happier. Together with our supporters, we use our collective voice to speak up for animals.
  • We work with industries to end cruel practices that cause harm to animals. We push for a kinder farming system with RSPCA Assured.
  • We change minds. By showing people how animals and humans are connected, we can encourage everyone to create a better world for every animal.
  • We rally together – in communities, across England and Wales, and globally – to have the biggest impact on animals’ lives.

We work for every kind