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Transform dogs’ lives with your RSPCA Sponsorship

As more dogs arrive at our animal centres, you can help transform their lives forever. Sponsor dog kennels every month to provide every kind of care, from emergency treatment and nutritious food to behavioural training, so the most abused dogs can find loving homes.


How your Sponsorship works


Start your Sponsorship

Sponsor dog kennels from as little as £5 a month – it just takes a few minutes.


Follow stories of transformation

You’ll get a special welcome pack, plus regular updates of all the dogs you’re helping with every kind of care.


Transform dogs’ lives

You can help dogs for as long as it takes for them to recover and find love again in their forever homes.

How does your money help?

Your generous Sponsorship helps to transform dog's lives by providing:

  • Warm and cosy dog kennels with lots of space
  • Nutritious food as well as yummy treats
  • Life-saving veterinary care as soon as they arrive
  • Specialist behavioural training to help them trust people again
  • Socialisation training so dogs can get used to being around people
  • One-to-one attention and loving care from our dedicated team
  • Help to find their forever home with a loving owner

Your Sponsorship welcome pack

As a Sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates by email and post about the dogs whose lives you’re transforming with every kind of care. We may also phone or send text messages with heart-warming stories about the amazing animals you’re helping to recover from abuse and neglect.

Your welcome pack includes:

  • A fold-out giving you an indepth look at every kind of care at our animal centres and in our dog kennels
  • Stories of four remarkable transformations
  • Thoughtful keepsakes including a bookmark and photo frame
  • A thank you postcard from our team
  • Your Sponsorship folder to keep everything in


*All figures from 2023, RSPCA rehoming centres and hospitals

How your Sponsorship transforms dogs’ lives

Build back trust with constant care

After months of neglect, little Ralph needed weeks of recovery in his warm and secure kennel, with daily training, TLC and exercise to nurse him back to health – and help him trust people again. Today, he’s treasured by a family who shower this cheeky chappy with love.

Support life-saving treatment

When Bram arrived at our centre, he had a badly injured and swollen leg and was severely undernourished. Thanks to Sponsors like you, our veterinary experts were able to give Bram emergency treatment and begin his recovery. Soon he found a forever home.

Give a second chance of life

Skye was dangerously thin when she came to us. Day after day, our kind staff gave her bowls of special food in her warm and comfortable kennel. Slowly but surely, she regained her weight – and her trust in humans too. Today, she’s cherished by a family who will always look after her and never abandon her.

Help our expert team go the extra mile


Sponsors are the beating heart of our animal centres. Thanks to Sponsors we can help dogs recover and give sad stories a happy ending.

debbie caffull - rspca animal centre manager


  • Your Sponsorship will help cover the cost of life-changing – and sometimes even life-saving – care and rehabilitation for dogs at our animal centres.

  • You’re doing something even more special! You’re sponsoring dog kennels where lots of dogs can receive every kind of care until they are ready to find loving, forever homes.

  • Every kennel has an interconnected area combining space for indoor privacy and outdoor play. Every dog has toys to fetch and play with. Space for them to stretch their paws. Yummy food for hungry tummies and cosy beds for lovely naps.

  • You’ll receive regular updates with stories and photos so you can watch the dogs at our centres flourish and feel part of their journey to recovery. You’ll also get to hear from different members of our teams, such as animal care assistants and staff trained in animal behaviour, and see why your Sponsorship is making such an incredible difference to dogs’ lives.

  • You are very welcome to visit your local centre if you want to. You just need to contact us first. If you’d like to arrange a time to come and see us, get in touch by phone: 0300 1230 346 (our lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri) or email:

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