Leaving a gift in your Will

If, like us, you believe that cruelty to animals should never be tolerated, then a gift in your Will means you can always be there, for animals that are lost, stranded and scared.

Request your free guide to leaving a gift in your Will by post

You can also download a PDF version of the Guide to remembering us in your Will (PDF 916KB).

In 1824, we made it our responsibility to protect and care for all animals, and never tolerate abuse. It's a promise to animals that we've worked hard to keep ever since - and one that thousands of people have helped us to deliver, by remembering us in their Will.

In fact, over half of our work is funded by people who have left us a gift in their Will, so these gifts are hugely important.

By deciding to remember us in your Will, you'll help our teams be there to care for and defend animals in need. You'll help create a future that's kinder to animals.

You'll help create a future that's kinder to animals, like Geoff below.

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