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We’re one of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations. But if it wasn’t for the generosity of  supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist.

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Can you help fund our vital work?

For every £1 given to us

  • 82p is spent on animal welfare
  • 1p is spent on governance
  • 17p is spent raising the next £1

So how does your donation help?

Your donations help us investigate complaints of cruelty, rescue animals from suffering and neglect, care for them and find them loving new homes. For example:

£10 could help to provide a day’s board for a horse who has suffered cruel treatment.

£25 could help kit out an inspector with hard hat, boots and life jacket.

£50 could help equip an inspector’s van with an animal first aid kit, pet carrier and animal-catching set.

For more than 180 years we have been working to relieve the suffering of animals. We only exist because of public donations. Our £120 million annual costs are supported by donations and legacies from animal lovers. Thanks to you, we can keep on fighting cruelty - in all its forms.


And that’s just for starters... 

RSPCA vet examining tabby kitten © Andrew Forsyth / RSPCA Photolibrary

Your money also helps us achieve so much more in other areas of our work, such as:

  • Prosecution - the power to prosecute those who abuse animals.
  • Changing the law - lobbying for improvements in the law to protect animals, such as the milestone 2006 Animal Welfare Act. 
  • Special undercover operations to expose abuses like dog fighting and bird trapping.
  • Education - educating the next generation to care for animals through our new interactive website, linked to the national curriculum.

If you want to protect animals from cruelty, make a donation now. Thank you.

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