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Rehoming and adoption

Who will you find to rehome?

He might be the dog who runs over and has a sniff, or the cat who comes to sit beside you. You never know who you’ll meet and bond with.

Because you can’t choose the perfect pet. You find each other.

Most of our rehomed pets aren’t puppies or kittens. They’re loud, quiet, fluffy, big, small, or even three-legged. They come with a personality ready-made, a past that’s unique to them and a lot of love to give.

Now it’s up to you to give the animals in our care the loving home they deserve.

Why adopt from us?

All of the animals in our care have been victims of cruelty, were suffering or abandoned. Many of them have never experienced life in a loving, family home. Can you give one of our animals the happy future they deserve?

All our our dogs and cats will come spayed or snipped, vaccinated and microchipped.  And, to help you settle into a new life together, MORE TH>N offer six weeks free pet insurance.

Start your search for a special pet today.

Sponsor an animal

Whilst waiting to meet you, your new family member is getting all the care they need in one of our animal centres. And they’re not alone. We have plenty of hungry mouths to feed and you can help.

Become an RSPCA Sponsor today and help other animals in our care find their way home.

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