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Changing the law

Since our creation in 1824 we have worked to protect animals by using the law and where necessary called for legislative change to provide better protection. We engage with governments, institutions and public bodies and advise on key animal welfare issues or concerns. In particular, we encourage the development of new policies and laws that improve the welfare of animals.

As part of this, we provide information on important issues and campaigns so that our supporters can contact their elected representatives, for example, councillors, Assembly Members, MPs, MEPs, etc and make their points heard.

Making a difference in animal welfare

All our information, advice and campaigns are evidence-based, whether it is from our experienced legal and scientific teams or from our front-line teams working on a daily basis to improve animal welfare.

We work with all politicians and legal political parties in a non-party political way to secure improvements for animals. By working with politicians and decision-makers at a range of different levels we can make a real difference.

Whether it is changing policies or securing new legislation, taking part in the democratic process is vital to ensuring decision-makers are made aware of concerns about animal welfare.

Support our work

Make a real difference to animals and get involved with our campaigns.

If you are an elected representative (or work for one) please see our separate resource for politicians and their staff at

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