Sexing rabbits

Do you know if your rabbits are male or female?

Perhaps you're first-time rabbit owners, or you've just got a pair of new rabbits. It can be tricky to tell male and female rabbits apart, so we've put together handy illustrated guides to help you below.

How to hold your rabbit to check

How to tell he's male

How to tell she's female

How to hold your rabbits

Be firm and gentle when handling your rabbits - and stay quiet and calm.

If they're not used to being handled, this could be stressful for them and they may struggle and try to escape. If so, try again when they are calmer. If they remain stressed, please ask your vet to check their sex for you instead.

When you're trying to sex rabbits, it can be easier to sit with them on your lap or on a table, as they can wriggle. Put a towel on the table first to make it less slippery. Don't hold them on their back as they find this very stressful.

It will be difficult to hold your rabbit and sex them simultaneously, so it's best to ask someone to help you.


Male rabbits

This rabbit is a young male, around eight weeks old. Males under 10 weeks don't have obvious testes, and neutered males won't have any.

male rabbits rspca

Female rabbits

This young female is around eight weeks old.

female rabbits rspca

If in doubt, ask your vet

If you're still not sure whether your rabbits are male or female, or if you want advice on how to handle your rabbits, please talk to your vet.


Neutering can stop unwanted pregnancies, help stop same-sex pairs from fighting and guard against some diseases.

Find out more about neutering

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