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Creating a good home for your dog

Every dog deserves a good home where they can be healthy and happy. Here's what your dog needs to keep them comfortable and content in your home.

male dog asleep in dog bed © RSPCA

Around your home

Your dog will need:

  • Somewhere to rest - give your dog a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean and quiet place to rest undisturbed. Living in a cold or wet place can make your dog unwell.
  • Toilet area - dogs need to go to the toilet regularly. At least every few hours, provide your dog with access to an appropriate place where they can go to the toilet.
  • Safe space - your dog must be able to get away from things that scare them. Give them constant access to a safe hiding place to escape if they feel afraid.
  • If you have more than one dog - make sure you provide enough extra resources (e.g. toys, beds and hiding places) for each of them to stop them from becoming competitive and fighting.
  • Hazard-free environment - dogs are naturally inquisitive and can get into dangerous situations if they're left on their own. Make sure that your dog's home is safe, secure and free from hazards.

Keep your dog occupied

  • Exercise - give your dog access to an appropriate place where they can exercise at least once a day. This should be somewhere they can explore, play and meet other dogs if appropriate.
  • Toys - dogs are intelligent and can become bored. Make sure your dog has access to suitable objects to chew and play with. Take a look at our online shop for some great dog toy ideas.

When you're away or on the move

  • If you're leaving your dog somewhere - make sure the size and temperature of any place you leave them (including your vehicle) is comfortable for them.
  • When you transport your dog, make sure they're comfortable and safe at all times. Use a harness, crate or container that suits your dog's size, and read more about transporting dogs in cars.
  • Keep your dog under control wherever you go, and don't let it stray.
Follow the links below to find out more about how to keep your dog happy at home.

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