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Rehome a rescue pet

Rehoming a pet is all about ensuring you're matched with the perfect pet for you, so that you and your new pet can have a fantastic life together. From finding each other online to bringing your newest family member home, we've got all the information you need to help you find each other.

Who can rehome a rescue pet?

Anyone can rehome a rescue animal from us. What's important is matching you and your family, with the right animal, which will be based on their needs and yours.

Rehoming rescue dogs

Remember some of our dogs may still need help with toilet training and learning to be left alone. These factors will be considered when trying to match with someone or a family who has time for this.

Other dogs may not be used to living with children, in this example, we wouldn't choose to rehome them to a young family.

Rehoming rescue cats

In some cases, the cats in our care are still getting used to human company and may need someone who will be patient with them. Others may need to be kept indoors - this may mean that they'd be ideal for a family with no outside space.

What happens next?

Once you and your pet have found each other, we'll help you get ready to welcome them into your family. We'll arrange for one of our adoption staff or volunteers to call you.

They'll discuss any specific needs that your pet has and suggest any adjustments to your house, garden or lifestyle that may be needed to help you and your rescue pet settle into a safe, secure and happy life together.

Introducing a new pet to your home will be exciting, rewarding and at times, challenging. It may take quite a while for your new pet to settle into life with you, but don't worry, if you do encounter some tricky times with your new pet, you're not alone - we're here to support you.

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