Rehome a rescued pet

Rehoming a pet is all about ensuring you're matched with the perfect pet for you, so that you and your new pet can have a fantastic life together. From finding each other online to bringing your newest family member home, we've got all the information you need to help you find each other.

Changes to our adoption process due to Covid19

Coming out of lockdown our animal centres are continuing to rehome animals but are mostly going to stay open by appointment only. This helps us to ensure the best welfare and visiting conditions for the animals in our care, staff, volunteers and the public.

If you're thinking about adopting an animal please check our Find A Pet page and follow the advice provided for how to contact your local centre. Most of the adoption procedure will remain 'virtual', as feedback from adopters and our animal carers has been that this has been working really well.

Where you do visit a centre or we visit your home, we will be keeping extra safety measures in place to ensure everyone involved feels safe and comfortable. We're pleased that our charity shops have now reopened and most shops and centres can now accept donations at dedicated drop off points - please check with your local shop or centre for their arrangement.

Step 1 - Search Find a Pet.

Step 2 - Complete a Perfect Match application form (download one at the bottom of the page) and email this to the rehoming centre that is caring for the animal that you are interested in.

Step 3 - You will receive an email or phone call from the rehoming centre and the application process will be completed mainly via phone and email. You will be asked to provide photos or video of your home and will need a secure, private garden or yard (for a dog).

Step 4 - It may be possible to meet the animal, by appointment, at the rehoming centre, if restrictions allow and if the animal's needs require this.

Step 5 - You may be able to collect your new pet, by appointment, from the rehoming centre or it may be necessary for the animal to be delivered to your home. You will be advised of the local requirements as your adoption progresses.

Step 6 - You will receive ongoing support from the rehoming centre following adoption and a post-adoption home visit will be carried out when restrictions allow.

The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and the public are of utmost importance to us. Unfortunately, we can't adopt animals to homes where a member of the household is self-isolating, showing symptoms of or has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

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Who can rehome a rescued pet?

Anyone can rehome a rescued animal from us - what's important is matching you, and your family, with the right animal, which will be based on their needs, and yours. Read our rehoming myth-busting blog for more guidance on adopting a rescue animal:

Who can adopt a rescue animal? 11 common myths debunked.

Rehoming rescued dogs

Crossbreed dog outside with two children © RSPCA

Some of our dogs, for example, may still need help with toilet training and learn to be left alone, so need to be matched with someone who has the time for this.

Others may not be used to living with children - therefore we may choose not to rehome them to a young family.

Find out how to rehome a dog

Rehoming rescued cats

In some cases, the cats in our care are still getting used to human company and may need someone who will be patient with them. Others may need to be kept indoors - this may mean that they'd be ideal for a family with no outside space.

If you're looking to rehome a rescue cat find out how today.

Simple steps to rehoming a cat

What happens next?

Once you and your pet have found each other, we'll help you get ready to welcome them into your family. We'll arrange for one of our adoption staff or volunteers to call you.

They'll discuss with you any specific needs that your pet has, and suggest any adjustments to your house, garden or lifestyle that may be needed to help you and your rescue pet settle into a safe, secure and happy life together.

Introducing a new pet to your home will be exciting, rewarding and, at times, challenging. It may take quite a while for your new pet to settle into life with you, but don't worry, if you do encounter some tricky bits with your new pet, you're not alone - we're here to support you.

Please be aware that due to local Covid restrictions there might be additional requirements or different processes in certain areas, so please contact your local centre first to check their rehoming process.

Dog application form (PDF)

Cat application form (PDF)

Rabbit application form (PDF)

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