The right company for dogs

Dogs are sociable animals who enjoy having company. If treated well as puppies, they learn to see us as friends and companions. Socialising them with other dogs early can enhance their quality of life.

Here's more on how to make sure your dog has the company they need for a happy life.

Dogs need company

Make sure that they have enough chances to spend time with human and/or animal companions so that they don't get lonely or bored.

Doggy playmates

If your dog is friendly towards other dogs, allow them to interact with them on a regular basis. Find out what to do when meeting an unfamiliar dog.

If you have more than one dog, house them together if possible, but make sure they have enough space and can get away from one another if they want to.

Make introductions carefully

If you go away, make sure you enlist someone responsible to look after your dog.

Avoid situations that scare them

Many dogs will either chase or be afraid of animals they don't know. If your dog is scared of, or aggressive towards, other dogs, avoid these situations and go to a vet or clinical animal behaviourist for advice.

Never leave your dog alone long enough for them to become distressed.

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