Labrador retrievers - otherwise known as Labradors or 'Labs' - were traditionally used as a type of gun dog, and many still are. In more recent years, pedigree Labrador puppies have been popular thanks to their reputation for being a good all-round dog.

While this is true in many cases, as with all dogs, we believe much of a puppy's temperament is related to the individual Labrador's training and upbringing, not just the breed. If a Lab puppy isn't given proper care and training, they could develop behavioural problems in the future. Make sure you're prepared to look after a Labrador puppy and meet all their needs.

Buying a Labrador puppy

There is a high demand for pedigree and purebred Labrador puppies in the UK. Unfortunately, because of the way they've been bred, the breed suffers from inherited diseases that can seriously affect their health and welfare.

Carefully consider why you want to buy a Labrador puppy before handing over your cash, and also think about whether a Labrador is the right dog for your family and lifestyle.

If you're sure a Labrador puppy is for you, make sure you're purchasing a healthy pet. Take a look at the Puppy Contract for guidance.

Adopt a rescued Labrador

If you're simply looking for a loving, loyal, family pet, we may be able to help. Why not take a look at the Labradors in our care? Before going to a new home, all our dogs are:

When searching for dogs in our care, you can filter by breed and age. If there are no Labradors suitable for your family at the moment, you can sign up for email alerts to make sure you're the first to know about any new arrivals.

Rehome a rescue dog

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