Vaccinating your pet

If the number of pets protected by vaccines drops, our four-legged friends could be at risk from an outbreak of infectious diseases - some of which can be transmitted to humans. Keep your pets safe by keeping them up to date with their vaccinations.

When your pet needs vaccinating

When puppies, kittens and kits are born, they're usually protected from infections by their mother's milk, provided she's been regularly vaccinated. However, this protection only lasts a few weeks, so they need regular vaccinations from an early age.

However, older pets need protecting too, as their immunity can decline. Ask your vet for advice, as the frequency with which your pet needs vaccinating can vary depending on the diseases prevalent in your area.

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Covering the costs of vaccinating your pet

Many vets - including Medivet, CVS UK Ltd veterinary group practices and Companion Care/Vets4Pets - offer pet health care packages to help you manage the costs of regular check-ups and preventative treatments.

Speak to your local vet to discuss health care schemes.

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