RSPCA Pet Insurance - Pet Hamper Giveaway

Treat Your Pet This Christmas

Win a hamper for your pet. We have one dog and one cat hamper to be won. Simply send in a picture on our Social Media and a winner will be selected at random. Entries should include #RSPCApetinsurance

How to Enter

We have two pet hampers (one dog and one cat) to give away to our social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To enter, share a picture of your pet on your chosen social media platform and include #RSPCAPetInsurance:

Facebook: Comment on RSPCA (England & Wales)'s Facebook posts about the giveaway with your chosen pic and include #RSPCAPetInsurance

Twitter: Tweet @RSPCA_Official your dog pic and include #RSPCAPetInsurance

Instagram: Upload a pic to your Instagram feed and use #RSPCAPetInsurance. We will only be able to count your entry if your account is not private

Prize Draw Image Guidelines

We'd love to see a picture of your pet with their favourite toy for our prize draws! We want our winning photos to depict animals that are as happy, healthy and safe as can be. So before entering your image, take a look at our handy prize draw guidelines for the happiest pets.

In the image, your pet should be:

  • Relaxed
  • Displaying natural behaviour
  • Happy when interacting with people and other animals
  • Looking healthy (eyes, nose, coat condition, weight, etc)
  • In a safe and suitable environment

And finally, please don't dress your pet up - unless the clothing is for their benefit e.g. to keep them warm. That means no fancy dress!

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Pet Hamper Giveaway terms and conditions (PDF 144KB)

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