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Make sure shock collars are banned

Earlier this year, the UK Government committed to banning the use of shock collars in England, finally bringing it in line with Wales, which banned shock collars over a decade ago.

Now there are fears that this could be another broken promise, as the anti-ban argument becomes bigger and louder, which could force decision-makers to go back on their word. 


E-collars cause pain and fear for animals

Shock collars are used to train and control cats and dogs but can cause pain and fear. Not only are these collars cruel, but they're also completely unnecessary. Ethical reward-based training can be used instead to achieve long-term behaviour change.

We need to act now to achieve the ban

With increasing pressure to abandon the ban that was promised, MPs need to hear from you

Take action today and tell your local MP that shock collars are horrifying, outdated and don't reflect modern pet ownership.