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Fur Free Britain

We're very disappointed with the announcement that ministers plan to drop the vital ban on fur imports and foie gras from the UK Government's Animals Abroad Bill, which we've all worked so hard towards achieving. More than ever we need to act immediately before it's too late.

Banning of fur production and imports in the UK

We've teamed up with Humane Society International to call for a ban on fur production in the UK and stopping imports of fur so that we can truly become #FurFreeBritain. As a nation of proud animal lovers with a sense of pride in our animal welfare standards, it's time for a complete ban to reflect our values.

Although we've banned fur farming in the UK for 20 years it's still legal to produce fur and import fur. Sadly, we're still importing fur that's farmed in methods illegal in the UK, despite the inhumane methods used. 

The fight against fur is escalating as more countries unite to ban fur farming and high street brands such as M&S, H&M and Adidas take a stand against fur. The movement needs your support and we need to act now to make sure the UK continues to be a global leader in animal welfare.

Leaving the EU gives huge opportunities to stop fur

Now we've left the EU, we can choose our own standards of animal welfare including stopping the sale and marketing of fur. We know the public agrees with us, with the Humane Society reporting that 72% of the British public would support a UK ban on the import and sale of animal fur.

Make sure fur and foie gras imports are banned

Your MP needs to know that as a nation of animal lovers, we will not stay silent at the prospect of a u-turn on the ban on fur imports and foie gras. Will you spare a couple of minutes to make your voice heard and email your MP today?