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About Labradors

Labrador retrievers, Labradors or labs were traditionally, and still are, used as a type of gun dog. In more recent years pedigree Labrador puppies have been sought out by buyers as they have acquired a reputation for being a good all round dog.

Whilst this is true in many cases, as with all dogs, we believe much of a Labrador puppy's temperament is related to the individual Lab and their upbringing, not just the Labrador's breed.

If a Lab puppy is not given proper care and training they could develop behavioural problems in the future. Make sure you're prepared to look after a Labrador puppy and meet all of their needs.

Labrador puppies

Young black labrador © istockphoto

If you’ve seen the advert with the yellow or ‘golden’ Labrador puppy that runs off with the lavatory paper, you’ll probably agree it paints a very idealistic picture of family life with a slightly mischievous puppy.

You’re not alone in thinking this. There is a high demand for pedigree and purebred Labrador puppies for sale in the UK, but unfortunately, because of the way they’ve been bred, the breed suffers from inherited diseases (PDF 72KB) which can seriously affect the health and welfare of labs.

Labrador puppies for sale

Carefully consider why you want to buy a puppy before handing over your cash, and if a Labrador is the right dog for your family and lifestyle. If you’re sure a Labrador puppy is for you make sure you’re purchasing a healthy pet. Take a look at the Puppy contract for guidance.

If you’re simply looking for a loving, loyal, family pet we may be able to help. Take a look at the puppies and dogs in our care.

Every dog rehomed by us is carefully assessed to ensure he or she is going to the right home. Our dogs are also vaccinated (where appropriate), wormed, microchipped, neutered (where appropriate) and come with six weeks' free pet insurance. We'll also provide you with all the advice you need.  Find out more about our rehoming process.

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