Our trustees

Here you'll find a list of our currently elected trustees who are responsible for ensuring we are effectively managed and meets our charitable objectives. 

  • Maggie Baker
  • Paul Baxter (deputy treasurer)
  • Bob Baylis
  • Christine Beaumont-Kerridge (treasurer)
  • Richard Booker
  • Tim Bray
  • Wendy Dowding
  • Paul Draycott CHAIR
  • Barbara Gardner
  • Karen Harley
  • Ray Ings
  • Liz Lindsay
  • Dan Lyons
  • René Olivieri *
  • José Parry
  • Terry Pavey
  • Sally Phillips
  • Jo Piccioni
  • Richard Ryder
  • David Smith *
  • David Thomas
  • Christina Tomlinson
  • Caroline Waters *

* Co-optees

Our governance is changing

We're currently reforming our governance and one of the key reforms is to create a new, smaller board of trustees.

Learn more about our governance and how it's changing.

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