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Boris the pig © RSPCA
Could you help 14 rescue piggies go wee wee wee all the way to a new home?

We're looking for forever homes for more than a dozen rescue pigs.

RSPCA Animal Rescuers wading through water
We launch rescue missions to save animals stuck in floods

Our rescuers have been called in to rescue animals and people caught up in the floods after Storm Christoph battered England and Wales.

Cat collar that was too tight
We issue collar warning after cat dies from injuries

We're urging owners not to put 'dangerous' collars on their cats.

Severely matted dog © RSPCA
We take 30 dogs into our care after many found with horrendous matted fur

The dogs were in such a bad way their breeds were unrecognisable.

Broken window after swan flew through it
Swan crash lands through window

An elderly woman is said to have been lucky to escape a serious injury after a swan crash-landed through a double glazed window - just moments after she left the room.

Tinker the shetland pony after rescue
Shetland pony seen pulling people in makeshift wheelie bin trap rehomed

A Shetland pony we rescued after he was seen pulling passengers along in a makeshift wheelie bin trap through a Cheshire town is enjoying life in his new home.

Stone tortoise on roof © RSPCA
We reveal funniest calls of 2020 to cheer you up this Blue Monday
Gull rescued after caught in fishing litter © RSPCA
We rescued a gull found caught in fishing wire dangling above lake

The stricken bird was left hanging above a lake in Sefton Park, Liverpool, when a fishing hook impaled his wing.

Snake on the toilet © RSPCA
Coronation Street star tells of the moment he found snake slithering on his toilet

Harry Visinoni - who plays Seb in the soap - was brushing his teeth when he was confronted by a four-foot long Royal Python now called Lulu.

New Year seal release © RSPCA
New Year - new start - for two seals released back into the wild

The release of the two seals took place at Port Eynon, Gower, Swansea.


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