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beaten dog rspca rescue
Dog found beaten and bloody in bath
Man sentenced to 16 weeks in prison after brutally hurting American bulldog Smiler. 
Seal stuck on Pillbox
Look back on 2019: Animals do the funniest things...
It's true what they say: never work with animals! Our officers never quite know what they're walking into from one job to the next.
rspca dog and vet
Lola's remarkable recovery in our care after a severe infection almost killed her
Poor Lola had a severe case of mastitis which had rotted away her mammary glands.
christmas at rspca vet
We've got Christmas all wrapped up!
Animal carers, call handlers and inspectors will be giving up their Christmas to look after animals most in need.
lonely dog rescue rspca
Transformation of lonely dog left alone and freezing on New Year's Day
Ducky suffers from a long list of allergies and will need life long care.
rescued dumped kittens rspca christmas
Happy ending for newborn kittens dumped two days before Christmas 
Kittens found dumped in a remote alleyway will be spending this Christmas in a loving home.
Stock the Sleigh for the RSPCA
We're bracing ourselves for another busy festive season
December 10 is the busiest day of the month for emergency calls to our helpline.
Dachshunds through the snow: Can you help our centre care for nine Christmas pups? 
Our dedicated staff are working around the clock to care for nine Dachshund puppies and their mum in the run-up to Christmas.
Meet the abandoned rescue pony turned star of our Christmas video 
Poor 'Tink' was found stomach deep in mud in March but is now a superstar.
flooding animal rescues
Rescuers help animals caught up in floods
Our team has been called to more than 70 flooding incidents and has rescued dozens of animals.

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