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Arthur the Great Dane cross looking emaciatted
We appeal for funds to help abandoned and emaciated dog

The RSPCA South Cotswolds branch is appealing for funds to help get an abandoned dog back on his paws again.

Photoshoot for roosters Norris, Larry, Rufio and Spike © RSPCA
Nothing to crow about - four cockerels on the hunt for their own roost to rule

The four cockerels have now been in our care for almost six months after being abandoned as part of a flock last October.

Red kite rescue © RSPCA
Red kite released after shot bird was rescued and rehabilitated

Video blog sees our inspector show the moment majestic bird is released back into the wild.

Two robin birds caught in glue trap © RSPCA
We welcome reports that cruel glue traps could soon be banned in England

We have long highlighted the indiscriminate and cruel nature of devices which trap animals to a board or sheet using adhesive.

Peggy the deaf dog learned sign language © RSPCA
Deaf sheepdog given up by owner learns sign language to continue shepherding

Working collie given up to us after losing her hearing learns sign language so she can continue doing the job she loves!

Golden retriever swimming
Travel tips for UK staycations with new 'lockdown dogs'

As we begin to ease out of lockdown, UK travel will be permitted for England residents from 12 April 2021.

Gnocchi seal healing from bin bag neck injury © RSPCA
Seal saved from horrific injury caused by a plastic bin bag

Injured seal will need months of care for the awful injury caused by litter.

Maggie and Charlie with Bella the dog
Happy ending as Bella the dog finds her new forever home!

A dog who was rescued from drowning in the River Trent has finally found her forever home.

Pet rat
This World Rat Day we're highlighting why rats hate social distancing!

Rats are intelligent and social animals who like the company of other rats and their humans.

Two little girls outside with a dog
Please don't feed your pet chocolate this Easter!

While Easter might not look like it normally does this year, many families will be looking forward to celebrating with all the members of their household - including their pets.


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