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Cat after being rescued
Mum cat found abandoned in bin bag with newborn kittens

A mother cat and her four tiny newborn kittens - with their umbilical cords still attached - were found abandoned, tied up in a bin bag, in North Yorkshire.

Ticky the kitten © RSPCA
Tiny orphaned kitten covered in more than 50 ticks

One of our officers spent more than two hours painstakingly picking the ticks off.

Parsnip the 'chug' © RSPCA
Parsnip the 'chug' left out in the cold after being abandoned in park

A little dog was found abandoned beside a filthy pet carrier in London on a cold wintry day.

Fig the dog © RSPCA
Happy and loving Fig on the mend after horrendous suspected badger baiting incident

Fig is missing his lower lips due to a suspected badger baiting.

Puppy in puppy farm © RSPCA
Calls for crackdown on puppy imports ahead of Christmas rush

We're warning prospective puppy buyers to watch out for Christmas cons.

Dave the pony on his walking journey © RSPCA
From zero to hero: Rescue pony completes 70 kilometre challenge

'Dave the cob' was found on the brink of death but has now bounced back to full health and taken on whopping Peak District adventure with his adopter.

Kittens rescued after being abandoned © RSPCA
Kittens found huddled together in box after being dumped in bushes

Dumped in some bushes off the High Street in Doncaster on Monday 16 November.

Puppy with a deformed paw
Six-week-old puppy with deformed paw dumped in box left in park

A six-week-old puppy with a deformed paw was found dumped in a box which was left in a park in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Boxers starved to death © RSPCA
Boxer dogs locked in crate starved to death just meters away from open bags of food

Dogs starved to death in crate as owner grieved loss of his girlfriend.

X-ray of Missy's leg © RSPCA
Dog left with untreated growth that made her leg swell up six times bigger than other legs

A woman has been disqualified from keeping animals.


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