Annual General Meeting

192nd AGM

The 192nd AGM will take place on Saturday 23 October 2021. Official Notice convening the meeting will be sent to RSPCA members nearer the time and will also be published on this webpage. If you are not yet an RSPCA member, if you join by 15 July 2021 you will also be able to attend and participate in this year's meeting. If you are interested and want to look at more information about our membership then you can find it here. We do hope as many members as possible will join us at this year's AGM.

191st AGM

We successfully held our first fully virtual Annual General Meeting on 16 December 2020, which was widely well received by members. We've been authorised by the Charity Commission to hold the AGM in this way due to the unique circumstances of 2020 and the need to keep everyone safe.

Here are some of the highlights of this historic AGM where our President, Chair, Chief Executive, trustees and senior staff were able to provide members with updates on key areas of our work.

The online platform enabled members to ask questions and vote on resolutions. The meeting conducted the following business:

  • The Trustees Annual Report and Accounts 2019 were adopted
  • A number of rule changes were passed by special resolution. The changes provide an option for general meetings to be held virtually again in the future, build on the governance reforms that were agreed in 2019, and start to modernise the Rules through adopting gender neutral language
  • A member's resolution was passed that called for an end to UK based intensive animal agriculture and a significant reduction in meat and dairy consumption.

In addition, there were presentations on our financial performance, a Branch activities overview and an introduction to our new Together for Animal Welfare strategy.

The arrangements for the next AGM are currently under discussion and we'll update this webpage when these have been finalised.

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Council meetings

Please note we are currently reviewing the format of Council meetings and, until further notice, meetings will not be open for members to attend.