Annual General Meeting

Official Notice of RSPCA 194th Annual General Meeting

This is to advise that the Society's 194th Annual General Meeting will be held online on 7th October 2023 from 11.00 to 13.00 using the same virtual platform hosted by Civica Election Services as in previous years.

The AGM is a meeting for RSPCA members*. The business of the meeting includes:

  • voting on the adoption of the Trustees' Report and Accounts 2022**
  • consideration of the new draft RSPCA Rules
  • consideration of any approved resolutions

* Members must have joined the Society on or before 7th July 2023 in order to propose or second resolutions or to vote at the AGM.

** The Trustees' Report and Accounts 2022 can be viewed on the Society's website

The last day for receipt of members' resolutions is 8th September 2023. For further information, members are referred to the 'General guidance on resolutions proposed by members for discussion at the Society's AGM' booklet. View RSPCA Acts and current rules online.

How to Attend

Please email to register your interest in attending the 194th AGM.  Prior to the AGM you will be provided with login details (which includes an access code enabling you to attend the virtual online meeting), together with the full agenda and other useful information about the day. When emailing please:

  • use your preferred email account
  • state that you wish to attend
  • quote your name, address and membership number

In order to assist us administratively in preparing for the day, please register your intent to attend by no later than 29th September 2023. If you apply after this date, we may not be able to verify your eligibility in the time available.

René Olivieri
Chair of the RSPCA Board of Trustees

Trustees' Report and Accounts 2022

View the Trustees' Report and Accounts 2022 online.

Should a member require a printed copy (in a suitability accessible format, where relevant) of the Trustees' Report and Accounts 2022 please email

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