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Annual review

In 2016 we continued to focus our resources on helping the most abused and neglected animals in the most difficult areas of animal welfare.

This meant dealing with a huge number of distressing cases of cruelty and neglect. But through these tragedies there are also many moments of real satisfaction and joy.

Read just some of our amazing stories from last year in our online Annual Review 2016 or download and print the PDF at the bottom of the page.


West Highland terrier being microchipped by RSPCA staff © Damion Diplock / RSPCA Photolibrary

In 2016 it became a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped and your details up-to-date in England and Wales.

We encourage that all pets are microchipped to ensure in any case, a pet is reunited with their owner.

Last year, along with our branches, we carried out 256,979 microchippings, neuterings and treatments in 2016.

10th Anniversary of Animal Welfare Act 

Animal Welfare Act celebration cake © RSPCA

2016 saw the Animal Welfare Act reach its 10 year anniversary which, since its introduction, has helped 3.6 million animals including 616,644 dogs,614,258 cats and 182,974 horses among many others (as of 6 April 2017).

This has come in various forms, either by providing advice to owners, rescuing animals from danger or collecting them after being dumped among other issues. 

Our goal as always is to prevent cruelty and promote kindness of all animals. Ten years on from the Act, we’re calling for the law to be brought up to date and tougher sentences of up to five years in prison to be introduced to make the law even more effective at preventing cruelty to the domestic pets involved in these cases.

The tenth anniversary of this law is a perfect time to highlight the importance of the Act - but also a time to review how it could be made even more effective.

RSPCA Assured (previously Freedom Foods) 

RSPCA Assured logo © RSPCA Assured

Since being rebranded as RSPCA Assured, it has achieved 33 percent general consumer recognition in its first year - compared to just 24 percent after 20 years as Freedom Foods. And that looks set to increase with a further 120 new products being sold in Aldi, Co-op, Iceland, Lidl, Ocado and Sainsbury’s, bringing its total number of products to more than 1,000. 

It is hoped that the new label could help improve the lives of a further 100 million farm animals by 2020, plus many millions of farmed salmon and trout.

Please visit the website for further information on the scheme and where to buy RSPCA Assured products.

A huge thank you for your support

Every animal we rescue, rehabilitate and release or rehome could only be helped because of the unwavering support of the public. Without you none of the achievements and accomplishments in 2016 would have been possible.

Thank you.

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