Organised animal cruelty

Deliberate, brutal and shocking. Large-scale serious, organised and commercial animal cruelty is rife in the criminal community.

Adult badger being attacked by dog © RSPCA photolibrary

Dogs bred, trained and sold for the sole purpose of taking part in meticulously organised fights. Hares, rabbits and deer chased and killed to be collected as trophies. Badgers cornered in setts by dogs, as animal abusers dig down to drag them out.

This may sound like a trailer for a film but this is reality.

Putting things right

Our Special Operations Unit (SOU) collects and pieces together information from all over England and Wales, working closely with partnership agencies, to create a rich picture of these criminal activities.

Using this detailed data we can track criminal activities in relation to animal welfare and not only react appropriately but hit at the heart of the criminal communities. Sending a clear message that we will not tolerate animal abuse.

The grim realities

Cock-fighting, dog fighting, badger baiting or coursing with dogs are often little more than a hobby to those associated with criminal activities. Animals abused in the name of sport, or bred and sold just to make a profit, with no regard for their welfare.

Jack Russell Kate was used in relation to badger crime © RSPCA

Kate, Jack Russell on the right was used in relation to badger crime. She suffered extensive scarring and de-gloving injuries to her lower jaw. A 24 and a

man from Liverpool pleaded guilty to the crimes. Kate has since been rehomed.

Sadly shocking cases like this are not uncommon.

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