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Sheila and Stella were starved and abandoned

Now in a happy and loving home, mum and daughter, Sheila and Stella's lives have been transformed. We found them underweight and hungry, after being abandoned in filthy conditions with no food and water. With your help, we can be there for more animals who desperately need us.

By RSPCA Inspector Amy Pellegrini

Left to fend for themselves

The call came in just after Christmas. I rushed to a flat to find four cats in desperate need of help.

The scratches at the door and the loud noises the cats were making told me they were starving. It was clear no one had been visiting them to feed them. I pushed some pouches of cat food through the letterbox and they pounced on them in desperation.

Thankfully I was able to gain access and get the cats to safety. And with time, our prosecutions team made sure their former owner was brought to justice.

Their lives are now filled with love

The rescue was just the beginning for Sheila and Stella. Once I'd removed them from the flat and given them a good meal, I took them to the RSPCA East Norfolk branch. The search began to find them a new home and they soon met their perfect match. 

Adopted together, this mother and daughter pair now spend their time lounging on a bed, enjoying treats and endless fuss. Their new owner describes an overwhelming feeling of love and protection for them. Barbara and Tom, who were rescued alongside Sheila and Stella, also found their loving home together.

"The fact I was chosen to be their mum makes me feel like I've won the lottery," she tells me. "It's such a privilege that I get to give them a loving home. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like for them to be abandoned."  

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RSPCA East Norfolk branch searched for a new home for the rescued cats and now both their lives are filled with love.

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