Stop live exports

We're calling on the UK government to publish and respond to the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) report on the live transport of animals and set out how it will meet its manifesto commitment by ending live animal exports.

Get the UK Government to publish the report

Last year, the UK Government received a report from their scientific advisors looking into current practices during the transport of live animals for export.

Over a year on, these findings have yet to be officially released in England, even though the Governments in Wales and Scotland have already published them. We're asking the Secretary of State, Rt Hon. George Eustice MP, to publish the report. We also want them to provide details of how they'll respond to the recommendations, particularly around reducing journey times and improving vehicle and ship standards.

Their manifesto made a commitment of ending excessively long journeys for farm animals and we need you to help us make this a reality.

Let's go!

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We call upon the Secretary of State, Rt Hon. George Eustice MP, to release the FAWC report on live animal transport and tell us how the UK Government plans to respond to it.

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