Stop live exports

Finally an end to Live Exports

Thanks to all your hard work, the UK Government has announced an end to the live export of animals! This followed the results of a consultation held in December 2020, which thousands of you took part in.

After 50 years of campaigning, this is a huge victory for animals. Thank you to every person who has signed a petition, demonstrated at the docks or written to their MPs and leaders.

Ending Live Exports is part of the Kept Animal Bill

Long-distance journeys cause unnecessary suffering to animals. These journeys cause animals to become mentally exhausted, physically injured, hungry, dehydrated and stressed from the severe temperature changes.

The UK Government has confirmed the end of live animal exports from Great Britain for fattening and slaughter, as part of the Kept Animals Bill.

The Kept Animals Bill is still progressing through Parliament. Will you take 2 minutes to ask your MP to support the Bill for it to become law?

#ActNowForAnimals with the Kept Animals Bill

We must make sure that this becomes law. Please take action and email your MP to make sure they support the crucial Kept Animals Bill. By joining our #ActNowForAnimals action, you'll not only be standing up for farm animals but also supporting puppies and primates.

To see the realities of live animal exports, look at our video below...

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Will you #ActNowForAnimals?

Contact your local MP


Will you #ActNowForAnimals?

Contact your local MP