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Miracle Maisie's story is a fight for survival

Seeing Maisie now takes me back to when I rescued her from unimaginable neglect.  She's gone from near death to so full of energy. She is a little character and such a fighter. This winter more animals like Maisie will be neglected and they urgently need our help.

By RSPCA Inspector Amy McIntosh
Maisie was rescued from terrible neglect by the RSPCA.

I honestly thought she was dead

Visiting Maisie today has been so heartwarming. From the way she greeted me, I know she remembers me. It's amazing to see her happy, healthy and full of life. I'm so pleased she's found a loving home.

When I first saw Maisie, she was so stiff and unresponsive, I honestly thought she was dead. Then my heart leapt – she was breathing! I carefully cradled her in my arms, carried her to my van and rushed to the nearest vet. 

Maisie was so cold and weak she couldn't even move. The vet team worked hard to warm her up, slowly and safely. She was covered in fleas and tests showed she was anaemic.

Rehabilitation and recovery

We were all so worried about Maisie that first week, hoping she'd pull through. Then one day the vet sent me a photo of Maisie, managing to stand for the first time. That's when I knew she'd make it.

From that point on, Maisie went from strength to strength. She was eating well and becoming mobile. I knew she wouldn't cope well in kennels though, so I looked for a foster carer. Sarah, a vet nurse, stepped in and Maisie hasn't looked back.

Since her rescue, Maisie's recovery has been remarkable. She's now a different dog with a bright future. And thanks to the hard work of the RSPCA prosecutions team, Maisie's previous owner was also brought to justice. 

It's amazing that Maisie's story has this happy ending, but thousands of animals' lives hang in the balance this winter. Could you help us to save just one of them by donating now?
Maisie's recovery has been remarkable and now has a bright future.

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