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We saved this cat from squalor

When we rescued him, Peter was riddled with fleas and suffering from fur loss. He was locked in a dirty cage with no food and a filthy water bowl. This winter more animals like Peter will be neglected. They urgently need our help.
The RSPCA rescued Peter from a locked and dirty cage and helped rehabilitate him to a happy new home.

Nine cats were kept in filthy cages

"The smell in the room was so overwhelming I struggled to breathe. My chest started to feel tight." says Adam, our Inspector.

Adam rushed Peter to a nearby vet for treatment. Once he had fully recovered, we rehomed him through the RSPCA Kent, Ashford, Tenterden & District Branch.

Peter's previous owner was brought to justice and the other eight cats have also been rehomed.
Pete the rescue cat was found locked in a dirty cage.

Now Peter is part of the family

Today, Peter is healthy and happy. After 11 years, he has finally found the life he deserves – and has settled in with his forever family.

New owner Helen describes Peter as a sweetheart. "He now spends his time lounging and playing in his new garden and house. And he loves to stick to a routine! From jumping up on my son's bed for night-time stories and in the morning, to gathering the family for evening meals. Peter likes to keep the family on schedule" she says.

Peter's story has a happy ending – but thousands of animals' lives are hanging in the balance this winter. Could you help us to save one more by donating now?
Peter the rescue cat is now living happily with his new family.

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