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Calling for an outright ban on all sky lanterns and balloons. These sky decorations are a risk to livestock, wildlife, and their habitat.

Knowing the danger to wildlife

Sky lanterns are flying torches set off into the night sky to celebrate special events or the passing of loved ones. The short time spent admiring their beauty as they float away isn't worth the long-term damage caused to wildlife and animals.

The damage caused to animals is:
  • Ingestion and choking
  • Entanglement
The damage caused to the environment is:
  • Wildfires
  • Pollution

Take action to #EndSkyLitter

We've been campaigning along with the NFU and other like-minded organisations for a ban on sky lanterns.

Thanks to our campaigning efforts, Defra commissioned research into the harmful effects of sky lanterns. The outcome is expected in the Spring of 2023.

Since May 2022, over 100 000 of you have come forward and signed the NFU's petition. Thank you for your ongoing support of this campaign.

Sign the petition today

There's still time to have your say and urge the government to follow the lead of hundreds of local councils by introducing an outright ban.