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Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and the related King Charles spaniels, are a popular choice for dog lovers in the UK.

About Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Throughout history cavalier King Charles spaniels have been sought out because of their close association with royalty and wealth. Some even go so far as to believe that cavalier King Charles spaniels themselves have even taken on some regal qualities.

In reality the personality of a cavalier King Charles spaniel has as much to do with its upbringing as its parentage.

Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale

Today the cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy for sale will often be brought by someone who is unaware of the serious inherited diseases (PDF 72KB) associated with the breed.

The popularity of cavalier King Charles spaniels, throughout the years, has lead to puppies being selectively bred to look a certain way. This has often been with little or no regard for the health and welfare issues this could cause.

Because of this many King Charles spaniel puppies now suffer with inherited diseases (PDF 72KB), in some cases with heart-breaking consequences.

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