What happens to a service complaint about an RSPCA branch?

What happens to a service complaint about an RSPCA branch?

Our branches are separately registered charities which operate within the framework of the national Society's policies and guidelines. If your complaint relates to one of our branches, we will explain this in our acknowledgment. 

For the purposes of data protection legislation RSPCA branches are separate organisations, so if you have a complaint about a branch we will ask for your consent to pass on your details (name, address, email, address, telephone number) to the branch your complaint is about, along with the complaint itself.

If you do not provide your consent, if possible we will attempt to investigate your complaint without disclosing your identity to the branch. However, please note that it may not be possible to do this if your complaint relates to your specific circumstances.

Complaints about branches are logged at Head Office and handled in line with the national complaints procedure. They are forwarded to the Regional Operations Managers responsible, who review them before allocating an appropriate person to conduct an investigation. This may be a Branch Support Specialist or a representative from the relevant branch.

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