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We welcome feedback as it helps us to develop as a charity, giving us the chance to monitor and improve our services. We set ourselves a high standard of customer care and if this is not met we want to hear about it.

We are sorry if you feel that you need to make a complaint but the following information will help you understand our complaints procedure.

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What is the complaints procedure for and what does it cover?

The procedure is for complaints from members of the public

How do I make a service complaint?

Complaints can be made in a variety of ways

What information do I need to provide?

To ensure that your complaint can be dealt with quickly you should provide the following

How long do I have to make a complaint?

Complaints will only be considered if they are received within three months

How long will it take to reply to my complaint?

Complaints will be acknowledged within five working days

What are the stages in the complaints procedure?

There are three stages in the complaints procedure; all complaints will be handled in this way

What happens to complaints about inspectors or prosecutions?

Complaints that are made to us about these will be dealt with under the Complaints Procedure

Who is the Independent Complaints Reviewer?

The Independent Complaints Reviewer is Sally Hobbs.

What happens if I'm dissatisfied with a Level 3 reply?

You will have reached the end of our national complaints procedure

What happens to complaints about financial irregularities?

Complaints about financial irregularities will be dealt with under the Complaints Procedure

What happens to a complaint about our staff or volunteers?

We expect our staff and volunteers to be professional and courteous at all times

How do I know my complaint will be treated fairly?

We appreciate honest feedback as it helps us to learn and develop as a charity

What happens to a service complaint about an RSPCA branch?

Our branches are separately registered charities

Will you give my details to other people?

Our branches are separately registered charities

Are there some complaints you don't respond to?

We expect our staff to handle complaints politely at all times.

Do you publish information about complaints?

We internally analyse information on complaints regularly as this helps us see where we can improve

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