How do I make a service complaint

How do I make a service complaint?

Complaints can be made in the following ways:

In person: 

If your complaint is about one of our animal centres or hospitals then you can talk with the centre manager. Our managers will do all they can to discuss your concerns and resolve the matter. If this is not possible, they may ask you to write to us so that your complaint can be investigated fully under the complaints procedure.

In writing:

We will aim to reply to your complaint within the timescales set by the national complaints procedure, which depends on the level of the procedure your complaint is at.

If your complaint relates to an RSPCA branch, please read our branch complaints procedure.

Please note that we are unable to take complaints over the phone due to lack of resources. If you have difficulty writing to us you may want to ask for assistance from friends, family, care workers, etc. or an organisation such as Citizens Advice. If you are unable to use any of these options we will offer assistance where we can. Alternatively, you can Chat to us online.

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