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A new RSPCA for every kind

A new RSPCA for every kind

By Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive

You might have noticed we look a bit different today - very different in fact! In our 200th year we're proud to unveil a bold new look and feel for our historic charity. A new brand along with a new purpose - inspiring everyone to create a better world for every animal. In shorthand, people will see us talking about For Every Kind. That means for every kind of animal, whether it’s helping thousands through our vital rescue work, or helping millions more through our advocacy, prevention and education work, both here and around the world. But it also means for every person, whoever they are, because we need everyone to get involved in animal welfare.


In the 200 years since we were founded, we’ve changed attitudes, behaviours and laws towards animals and, as a society, we've revolutionised the way we think, feel and act towards them. But animals are now facing some of the biggest challenges in our 200-year history, from climate change to loss of habitat, intensive farming to the cost of living crisis. Unless we act urgently to put animal welfare back on the agenda as one of the most pressing issues of our time, we risk animals’ lives getting worse, not better.

We at the RSPCA have a critical role to play as the oldest and biggest animal charity in the country; with our powerful voice, we can bring individuals and organisations together to drive change. We know we can’t do it alone, which is where our new, brighter, bolder and more welcoming brand comes in.

We're proud of our 200 year history, and we’ve achieved a lot, including changing more than 400 laws improving the lives of animals in labs, in farms, in homes and in the wild. But we have changed too and we know that, for many people, our old brand was out-of-date or off putting. We haven’t rebranded since the 1970s and it was holding us back from being the modern, forward-facing organisation we really want, and need, to be.

It isn’t just about a new logo, this is all about raising the profile of animal welfare and helping everyone understand that we can all play a part in improving animals’ lives. Our new brand will help us reach more people, people who may not have considered us, or their role in animal welfare, before. We want to build a movement for animals and the more people we can inspire to get involved, the more impact we can have for animals, now and for many years to come.

We're at a turning point and we're changing to meet the challenges ahead. We need as many people as possible to join us to create a better world for every animal. Because a world that’s better for animals is better for us all.