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Telling us that a Home for Life pet needs rehoming

Are you the Executor of someone's Will? Or perhaps looking after a friend, relative or neighbour's affairs? If they registered their pet with our Home for Life scheme, we're here to help find that pet a loving new home.

The first step is to give our Home for Life Rehoming Team a call on: 0300 123 0049. Then, here's what you can expect to happen next:

  • Once you've been in touch, we'll begin making all the necessary arrangements to take in the pet. If you can locate any important documents relating to the Home for Life membership or pet identification these will be helpful to get things moving as quickly as possible. Take a look at the Home for Life terms and conditions (PDF 60KB) for more information.
  • It would also be very helpful if you're able to look after or make short term arrangements for the pet(s) to be cared for while we prepare to welcome it at one of our animal centres.
  • The pet will be taken to one of our animal centres, where we will make sure the pet has all the necessary health checks and vaccinations.
  • The search for a new home begins. We ensure any potential new owners can provide a loving, caring environment for the pets we rehome.
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