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Your questions answered

Here are the questions we're asked most about the Home for Life scheme.

Why should I include the Home for Life Will wording?

We strongly recommend you include the suggested wording in your Will as this means that any arrangements in relation to your pet will formally recognise the RSPCA.

It also ensures that, in the event of your death, your Executor will be fully aware of your wishes. This is because your Will is the only official document that they must refer to when dealing with your estate.

What if I can't afford to make or update my Will?

Some legal advisers do offer a reduced rate for the preparation of a Will, and it may be worthwhile comparing several local firms. Alternatively, you may wish to speak with your local Citizens Advice to see whether they can be of any assistance. You can reach them on: 020 7833 2181 or at:

Can I use different wording in my Will?

As long as your wishes are clearly stated in your Will and you have included our charity name and registered charity number, your Executor should have all the information they need, but it's always a good idea to check with your legal adviser.

Can you rehome my pets together?

If you require pets to be rehomed together let us know using the application form provided. Although we cannot guarantee that this will be possible, we would, of course, do everything we can to keep your pets happy.

What if I get a new pet?

To make sure we're there to take in your pet and find them a loving new home, you'll need to submit an application form to register them onto the scheme. Please call us on: 0300 123 0239 to let us know and we will send out a form for you to complete and return.

How much does it cost?

The Home for Life scheme is free. However, we simply wouldn't exist without public donations, and without kind gifts left to us in our supporters' Wills. That's why we ask you to consider leaving a gift in your Will, so we can continue our vital work protecting animals from cruelty.

Are there any pets you won't take?

Cats and dogs are most commonly registered with Home for Life but we also take in other species of animals. If you're looking to place exotic or larger pets, spaces may be limited so please let us know and we can advise.

In rare instances, it may not be possible to rehome a pet under the Home for Life scheme, for instance if they pose a risk to humans or other animals. For more information, please see the Home for Life terms and conditions.

Is there a limit to the number of pets you can take?

No, there isn't a maximum number of pets. However, if you're looking to send more than five applications at once, then please contact us to discuss your requirements as capacity needs to be taken into consideration.

What if my family offer to take my pet?

The Home for Life scheme is there for when no other provisions have been made. If you later decide that you'd prefer someone else to take care of your pet, please let us know.

How long will you look after my pet for?

Healthy pets will stay with us for as long as they need. However, the animal's welfare is paramount and, as pets cope differently in different environments, they may stay with foster carers while we find them a new home.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us.

It gives any responsible pet owner peace of mind that their pets will be well looked after by perhaps the most well known animal charity in the world.

Roy Kemp, Home for Life scheme member

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