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Your questions answered

We understand you may have some questions about Home for Life, so we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions about the scheme.

Can you rehome my animals together?

If you want your animals rehomed together, do mention this in your Will. Although we can’t guarantee it’ll be possible, we’ll do everything we can to honour your wishes.

We’ll always do what we feel is best for your pets. If trying to find a new owner for more than one animal together involves them spending longer in an animal centre, we’d review what’s best for the animal.

What happens when I die – how does the RSPCA find out?

Once you’ve added the Home for Life wording into your Will, your executor will know to contact us should anything happen.

However, we also recommend telling your friends, family and neighbours that you want the RSPCA to take in your pets in the event of your death. That way, if the situation is more urgent, they’ll be able to contact us straight away so that we can start making arrangements for your pet to come into our care.

As well as providing you with a notification card, which can be kept at home, we also provide a wallet card, which can be kept with you at all times. These items have all our contact details.

What happens when I die – what's the process?

Once we’re informed of the death of a Home for Life member, we’ll arrange for the animal/s to come into our care.

Following our rehoming policies and procedures, we’ll then endeavour to find suitable homes for the animal/s and we’ll carry out checks on any proposed new owner. If the new home proves suitable, the animal/s will be adopted by the new owners to become part of their family.

Do you vet new owners?

It’s our policy that, before anyone can adopt an animal from one of our centres, we interview them. This way, there are no impulsive decisions and we can ensure the animal is going to the right home. In addition, a home visit may be required, which is often followed up with a post-adoption check to make sure the animal is settling in well.

Are there any animals you won’t take?

We have facilities to take on most pets. Although spaces for larger animals such as horses may be limited, we do have some facilities for them. However, we may have difficulty rehoming fish or exotic animals.

Can I use different wording in my Will?

As long as your wishes are clearly stated in your Will and you have included our charity name and registered charity number this should not be a problem, but always check with your solicitor.

How many pets can I register?

There's no limit to the number of pets that you can register under our Home for Life service. However, if you’d like to register more than six pets please contact the Home for Life team first on: 0300 1230 239.

Will you take my animals temporarily if I go into hospital?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to take your animals temporarily. However, local authorities are obliged by law to arrange for the care of animals while their owners are incapable due to illness, incarceration, etc.

What happens if I’m registered with Home for Life and can no longer care for my pet?

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact the Home for Life team on: 0300 1230 239 who’ll be able to provide you with advice.

How much does it cost?

The Home for Life scheme is a free service. However, we simply wouldn't exist without public donations, and without kind gifts left to us in our supporters Wills. That's why many people decide to leave a gift in their Will so we can continue our vital animal welfare work.

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