Donating tack

Caring for so many horses, ponies and donkeys put a big strain on our equipment so we are always in need of donated goods.

Please can you help?

closeup of two horses noses touching Do you have any spare headcollars, lead ropes or turnout rugs that are in reasonable and useable condition?

If so, please post or take them to your nearest RSPCA equine centre.

The following all have facilities for horses and ponies, or are willing to collect tack which will then be passed to other centres.


Felledge Equine Centre

The Equine Centre is not open to the public. So please drop of any items of tack at:
Felledge Animal Centre

Waldridge Lane
Chester Moor
Chester le Street
Durham DH2 3BF

Opening hours: 11.30pm - 3pm every day except Wednesdays.

Great Ayton Animal Centre

Yarm Lane
Great Ayton
Middlesbrough TS9 6QB

Opening hours: 11.30am-3pm every day except closed on Wednesdays.

South Yorkshire Animal Centre

Black Firs Farm
Great North Road
Doncaster DN10 6DE

Opening hours: 11am - 4pm Tues - Sun, closed on Mondays.


Block Fen Animal Centre

Block Fen Drove
Cambridgeshire PE15 0FB

Opening hours: 11am-3.30pm every day except closed on Wednesdays.


Gonsal Farm Animal Centre

Shropshire SY5 7ET

Opening hours: 11.15am-4pm every day except closed on Wednesdays.


Llys Nini Animal Centre

Swansea SA4 9WB

11am - 3.45pm every day, except closed on Wednesdays.

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