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Introduce rabbit breeding legislation

We're close to a rabbit welfare crisis

Help us and the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund prevent rabbit cruelty. Together we can reduce abandonments and safeguard rabbit populations from spiraling out of control.

Sign the petition for rabbit breeding legislation to be included in The Animal Welfare Act (2006).

Rising rabbit numbers

Rabbit intake soared by a huge 55% in 2022. Compared to numbers in 2020 it shows little evidence of slowing down. As rabbit adoption is at an all-time low, it's time to act now.
The Animal Welfare Act (2006) doesn't limit the number of litters a rabbit can have. Anyone is legally allowed to start breeding rabbits and then sell the offspring. 

We need your help

If this legislation goes unchanged, millions of rabbits will suffer. It'll impact unsuspecting owners, surprised by unplanned litters.

Sign the petition

Join us and the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund today. It's time to take action and make the positive change rabbits so desperately need.