Rehoming a farm animal

Before rehoming a farm animal

Carefully consider if you have the knowledge, time, commitment, space, facilities and finances to give some farm animals a really good quality of life.

Before making the commitment of owning any farm animals we recommend that you:

  • talk to some experienced farm animal owners
  • help to care for some animals of the type you are considering
  • consider joining a reputable smallholder/farm animal club or society, where you can make contact with experienced owners.

Find out more about keeping farm animals as pets.

Rehoming a farm animal

Inexperienced owners should avoid getting animals from livestock markets or from adverts in non-specialist newspapers and magazines.

Our animal centres

Our animal centres sometimes have farm animals in need of good homes - you can search for animals online and contact your local RSPCA animal centre.

Other organisations

Other organisations such as the British Hen Welfare Trust and Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats specialise in rehoming particular types of farm animals.

See our rehoming pages for more information about rehoming farm animals.

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