How to rehome a horse or pony

Rescue horses and ponies can make wonderful companions and it's extremely rewarding knowing you've made a real difference to an animal's life.

Finding the right horse for you 

Many of our horses are unridden and will need experienced people to bring them on. Our rehoming process aims to make sure horses and owners are perfectly matched.

We also have a number of horses and ponies which are only suitable to be kept as companion animals.

If you are looking for a riding horse, please be honest about your riding skills.

If you're looking for your first horse, read our advice on how you can get experience in our horse ownership pages.

If you believe that you have the necessary skills, time and money to meet the welfare needs of horses and ponies, here's how you can find horses for adoption.

There is an adoption fee to adopt an RSPCA horse or pony which can be anything from £150 to £500, depending on the type of equine and the animal's rehabilitation.

It costs us at least £5,000 to care for, rehabilitate and rehome each horse so the adoption fee really is a small contribution towards this cost. It also helps to cover the costs of microchipping and vaccinations. Watch our video which fully explains what the fees cover.

Viewing an RSPCA rescue horse 

If your application is successful, you will be invited to either:

  • meet your chosen horse
  • meet an equine that may be better suited to you. 
Felledge © RSPCA Equine Rehoming

Horses cannot easily be moved about among our animal centres.

RSPCA specialist equine centres are in County Durham, Shropshire and Surrey. Our centres in Wales also have a selection of ponies for rehoming.

So you may have to travel if you want to adopt a horse because they are never rehomed unseen.

If you are looking for a riding horse, please be honest about your riding skills.

You may need to travel to an equine centre to try the horse more than once if this is felt to be necessary to ensure that you and the horse are right for each other.

Home visit

Before a horse or pony can be adopted from us we always carry out a home visit.

This gives us the opportunity to assess both your expertise and your facilities and also helps us to check that you have the commitment to be a horse owner.

Happy endings

There is nothing quite like the feeling we get from successfully rehabilitating and rehoming a rescue animal.

Through horse adoption, you'll be ensuring we continue to have heart-warming horses and ponies success stories

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