Horses and ponies rehoming and adoption

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We're always looking for homes for our rescue horses and ponies.

We have lots of horses and ponies waiting to be rehomed throughout England and Wales right now - ranging from adult ridden and companion horses to youngsters who will need bringing on in their new homes.

Start your search for a rescued horse

We have two specialist equine centres covering England and Wales - located in County Durham and Shropshire. Our centres in Wales also have a selection of ponies for rehoming.

Experienced homes

All of the horses and ponies will have come into our care as welfare cases. Some of them will have needed a lot of rehabilitation work. Therefore experience with horses and patience is a must!

Watch our video explaining the kind of homes we're looking for.

If owning a rescue horse appeals to you, find out more about our equine rehoming process.

Looking for your first horse?

A lot of our horses will not be suitable for first time horse owners.

If you have no experience of horse care, why not try to do some basic qualifications in stable management? Be sure to combine this with practical experience as well.

The British Horse Society runs Horse Owner Certificate courses which are in-depth and comprehensive. There may also be training courses you can attend locally, usually organised by local riding schools.

Adoption fees

We do ask for an adoption fee if you rehome one of our rescue horses or ponies. This ranges from around £50 for a companion pony to £500 for a ridden horse that has been brought on.

Watch our video explaining what the fees cover.

Not ready to adopt?

There are other ways to help us:

  • Donate tack or spare equipment to help us provide extra care. 
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Could you offer a forever home to an equine in our care?

To see all of the horses currently available for rehoming please visit Find a pet.