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How to apply to be a horse fosterer

Fantastic! We're thrilled you'd like to become an equine foster carer and help in giving rescue horses and ponies a stable future.

If you've seen a horse or pony you'd like to foster in our horse search, we'll check their suitability for you if your application is successful.

How to apply

1. Check you're eligible

Read our equine fostering criteria to make sure you're eligible to apply:

  • You're a horse owner or have experience owning equines.
  • You're willing to either foster a horse or pony as company for your own equine. Or willing to foster two of them as company for each other.
  • You have the time, means and facilities to care for equines, including grazing.
  • You're prepared to foster a horse or pony for a minimum of six months until we can find a permanent home. 
  • You'll have the opportunity to adopt the horse should you wish to do so.
  • As an equine fosterer, you're responsible for day-to-day expenses, routine worming, and all farrier costs.
  • Veterinary costs are covered by the RSPCA but you must receive our consent before any treatment is given, except in an emergency where the equine is given first aid.

Please note: All equines will have full worming history from the RSPCA and are vaccinated against tetanus, passported and microchipped. Colts are also gelded. RSPCA-fostered horses are covered by third-party insurance and routine tetanus vaccinations.

2. Make your application

If you're happy with our fostering criteria, you're ready to make your application.

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