Which puppy is right for you?

If you've been considering rehoming or buying a puppy, remember the long-term commitment you'll be making. Please consider these important things before you begin looking for a puppy or dog.

Make sure the puppy will be happy where you live

  • Does your home have the space needed for a puppy or a dog?
  • Will the puppies you've been admiring have a garden or outside space to play in?

Are you ready to commit the time a puppy needs?

Puppies need exercise, training, play and company. However, different breeds of puppy need different amounts. Does your lifestyle mean you can offer an active dog breed the time they'll need?

Consider too, how much grooming a puppy needs. Long-haired puppies may need lots more time to groom.

Is a cross-breed or pure breed puppy right for you?

Buying one of the many pedigree puppies for sale in the UK will give you an idea of what your dog will look like when fully grown. However, many breeds suffer from serious health and welfare problems that can impact their quality of life.

Do your research and select breeders who can offer proof of tests to ensure the future health of their puppies.

Consider what puppy will match your lifestyle

Whilst it's true different breeds may be more likely to show certain types of behaviour, how your puppy will behave as an adult will depend a great deal upon their life experiences.

Certain breeds may have a reputation for growing into friendly family dogs, but if they aren't trained and socialised early, they could end up being afraid of strangers, unfamiliar dogs and even their own shadow!

Choosing where to get your puppy

Sadly, there are those who treat puppies as little more than a commodity to be brought and sold for a profit. Be sure that you're buying a puppy from a responsible breeder.

You should also consider rehoming a dog from us, we rehome thousand of dogs each year. Start your search for a dog today - you can even filter by age and breed. 

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